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Operating with the latest and most efficient in technology, equipment and methods.

When your full skip arrives back at A1 Waste Management, we weigh your skip on our calibrated weigh bridge. Dependant upon the contents of the waste within the skip, the drive will be directed to one of the bays to empty the skip.

Once the skip has been tipped, we then sort through the waste by hand to segregate different materials and different types of waste. We then re-process it as a secondary commodity for UK manufacturers to reuse.

Here at A1 Waste Management and Skip Hire we make every effort to ensure as much material as physically possible is recycled:

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  • Asbestos & plasterboard (Hazardous Waste) removal
  • We sort for green waste, wood, metal, hardcore & plastic

  • Hand-segregation process

  • We aim for recycle, not landfill

  • Moving your waste back into the re-manufacturing chain

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